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the internet never sleeps and neither do we

(we are robots)

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listening to a sad song that has a nice beat


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I definitely feel better knowing that he is guarding our galaxy 

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When you’re just scrolling and then you suddenly find porn


When you scroll down and you keep seeing more and more


What makes this so accurate is the amount of cocks

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Me: “What browser are you on?”

Client: “Google.”

Me: “Google Chrome?”

Client: “No, just regular Google.”

Me: “That’s the site. I want to know the browser.”

Client: “Google.”

Me: “No.”

Client: “Look, we can have this conversation forever, man. But when I hit the internet logo, Google comes up!”

Me: “Okay…What does that “internet logo” look like?

Client: “…A fiery fox, I guess. But that’s irrelevant.”

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"I wonder
whose arms would I run and fall into
if I were drunk
in a room with everyone
I have ever loved."
this becomes almost deeper when you think of non-romantic loves too (via comines)

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*cringes at 9 year old me*

*cringes at 13 year old me*

*cringes at year ago me*

*cringes at day ago me*

*cringes at future me*

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Stuff you could get away with saying on a kid’s show in the 90s, part II


Stuff you could get away with saying on a kid’s show in the 90s, part II

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All I can think of when I look at the last one is

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